The Ultimate Bundle: Vegan Candida Cleanse + Reintro Meal Plans

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Save 30% and get both, 1-Week Vegan Candida Cleanse Meal Plan and 1-Week Vegan Candida Diet Meal Plan Reintroducing Foods! Those meal plans are instantly downloadable e-books presenting a sure-fire, holistic system for reversing your candida overgrowth and yeast infection and improve your quality of life naturally and safely within 2-4 months without drugs, side effects, or expensive treatments.

Also, FREE Private e-Mail Counselling from Me for 3 Months!

Plus BONUSPreparing Your Kitchen and Pantry including list of foods to stock at home, storing tips and necessary equipment!

Another BONUSMeal Planning Guide to Live Candida Free!


My Vegan Candida Diet Meal Plan is a holistic system that will teach you how to naturally cure your candida overgrowth, rebalance your body and improve your quality of life drastically.


The 1-Week Vegan Candida Diet Meal Plans include:

  • 6 steps to heal Candida overgrowth naturally.
  • Action plan and timeframe.
  • The principals for both (cleanse and reintroduction) meal plans (foods to eat, to avoid and foods that are in grey area).
  • My personal experience/suggestions on antifungals, probiotics and other Candida cleanse supplements.
  • Tips on buying supplements.
  • How to avoid Candida die-off symptoms.
  • Comprehensive MEAL PREP GUIDE and shopping list (cleanse plan),
  • Tips on Candida diet drinks (other than water).
  • Substitution tips for those with thyroid conditions.
  • Tips on a healthy daily routine and mindful eating.
  • Guide on how to eat more raw foods.
  • Step-by-step guide on how to compile balanced meals on Candida diet.
  • Gradual transition guide to reintroduce foods (suggested order, tips, example of the process).
  • Meals (breakfast, 2 snacks, lunch, dinner and dessert) planned for 7+7 days (including charts).
  • Easy-to-follow vegan Candida diet recipes for breakfasts, snacks, lunches/dinners and desserts.
  • Extra recipes and meal ideas for Candida diet.

Plus, FREE Private e-Mail Counselling from Me for 3 Months!

Plus BONUSPreparing Your Kitchen and Pantry including list of foods to stock at home, storing tips and necessary equipment!

In addition BONUSMeal Planning Guide to Living Candida-Free!

What you can eat on vegan Candida diet meal plan (cleanse):

  • non-starchy veggies,
  • herbs/spices,
  • buckwheat, millet, amaranth, whole grain rice, quinoa, oat bran,
  • carob,
  • nuts/seeds, avocado, olives,
  • tofu/tempeh,
  • unsweetened nut milks,
  • unsweetened soy milk and natural soy yogurt.

and foods to avoid on Candida diet:

  • starchy veggies,
  • legumes,
  • gluten grains (wheat, spelt, rye, kamut, farro, barley),
  • peanuts, cashews, pistachios,
  • nutritional/brewer’s/baker’s yeast, vinegar (only apple cider vinegar is included)
  • sugar and sugar substitutes (only stevia and xylitol are allowed),
  • alcohol, coffee, green and black tea,
  • fruits and berries (fresh and dried).

P.S. You’d most probably be on candida cleanse diet for longer than a week! However, you can change the sequence of the days to make the weeks different.

My vegan Candida reintroduction meal plan adds back the following foods and drinks:

  • legumes (lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas),
  • starchy veggies (beets, parsnip, potatoes, winter squashes, sweet potatoes),
  • fresh fruit and berries,
  • mushrooms,
  • peanuts.

My vegan Candida diet meal plans are fine-tuned:

  • no meal exceeds 20 glycemic load (GL) points,
  • you wouldn’t get more than 100 GL points daily,
  • all vitamin, mineral and protein RDA’s are met,
  • you wouldn’t get more than 25% of your calories from fat,
  • right food combining has been taken into account as much as possible.

Read why glycemic load and calories-from-fat % matter — Living Candida Free After the Cleanse and Low Glycemic Diet 

I compiled the meals mostly in Buddha bowl style large part of them being raw non-starchy veggies. However, you’ll also find comforting soups and stews from the plan.

Furthermore, I structured the meal plans in a way that you’d need to cook the main meals once a day (in the evening) and you’d have the same meal for lunch the next day (the first day being an exception).

Have a peek inside and see examples of meals under Vegan Candida Cleanse Meal Plan and Reintroduction Meal Plan.

3 reviews for The Ultimate Bundle: Vegan Candida Cleanse + Reintro Meal Plans

  1. Lynn

    Nele’s Meal Plans are so much more than that: I found myself with a new friend whose first email immediately gave relief and hope.I was at my all-time low and greatest confusion when I decided to see what these Meal Plans could do for me and boy did I get what I needed and so much more. Nele was above and beyond what I’d expected so the pressure very slowly has gone down. There are two things that overwhelmed me, first was ‘what can I eat that I can actually enjoy?’ I needed help to figure-out how I could manage meals in an entirely new way and I was very unhappy that I could no longer eat so many foods I loved. I found myself communicating with an extremely patient, kind and knowledgable guide to help me calm my nerves, clear-up the confusion and teach me to focus on the positive and healthy way to approach the amount of changes that a yeast overgrowth condition creates.
    Nele is a kitchen genius, I have a lot of experience with many different ways of making foods (out of necessity) and Nele has constantly surprised me with her inventive recipes which are easy to make and delicious. Here instructions are dead-on, super accurate (baking methods and times are so helpful) The Meal Plans make daily meals super tasty and healthy and fun. They are so comprehensive that I found myself asking her questions for which the answers were already in the plans (oops) – there is information on substitutions and additional options for special needs (I suddenly realized I need to be grain free so Nele pointed-out some areas where substitions or replacements would work) and she reassures those worries you might have that you wish you could feel more certain about. For example I am suddenly realizing and accepting that I thrive on a higher fat diet but I’ve always avoided it – Nele’s foods are all low fat and very adaptable to higher fat versions. She reassured me (and I later realized it was right there in black and white in her documents too) that everyone is different and if it’s healthy fats then its good! This was such a relief to me. I have asked her so many questions I’ve been embarrassed to hit the “send button” but always the most enthusiastic and detailed response came back to me. I am extremely impressed and a tad jealous of her language skills, she can and does communicate perfectly in English (written and spoken) not to mention Spanish and a few other languages.
    I expressed my sadness about no longer being able to celebrate a Friday afternoon ritual with my husband; a visit to our favourite tea shop for tea and one of their amazing cookies. Could she help with the cookie recipe? Amazingly (and I love her for this) she modified one of her existing recipes immediately, tested it, sent me a video and how to make it. THEN she created a carob chip recipe to go with a brand new grain free cookie called her Paleo chocolate chip cookie. All this because of my expressing sadness and needing help. Amazingly kind.
    What you get when you purchase the Meal Plan Bundle is massive comprehensive approach to embracing the sudden and difficult (and emotional) changes you need to make to thrive as you heal your body. I flip through (I printed them) the pages of her documents daily and am constantly finding something new. Then there’s are website and her beautifully produced videos…and even instagram!
    Thank you Nele, so very much.

    • Nele Liivlaid

      Thank you so much Lynn! It’s an honour to know you!

  2. Marii Meinberg (verified owner)

    My journey started with the pursuit for excellence that was quickly replaced by disappointment and bitterness. My diet turned into an obsession and every bump in the road was yet another reason to quit altogether. By the time I encountered Nele’s meal plan online I was exhausted and skeptical. Nevertheless, the professional web page, the abundance of evidence based information and her warmth in sharing the circumstances of her own story led me to the path to overcoming fungal overgrowth. Thanks to Nutriplanet I was finally able to demystify the emotional and physical roller-coaster that had controlled my life for so long. Nele’s encouraging words, guidance to mindfulness and personal attention helped me accept the trial and error that inevitably comes with lifestyle change. I gave myself time and built good habits day by day. Today I am reintroducing foods into my diet that I once thought I could never eat again. Countless aspects of my daily life have improved from how we filter our water to the intimacy that I share with my partner. I am utterly grateful and indefinitely committed to a whole food plant based diet.

    • Nele Liivlaid

      Thank you so much for sharing your story Marii! It has been my pleasure to guide you through your journey!

  3. Heather (verified owner)

    I am so grateful and thankful that I discovered Nele and purchased the Candida bundle! Before beginning to follow her meal plan, I was so confused and frustrated at the lack of options for vegans embarking on a Candida diet. I was also overcome with high anxiety, bouts of extreme sadness, chronic yeast infections, dizziness, headaches, brain fog, dry eyes, hair loss, super thin nails and was chronically stressed due to my lifestyle, candida overgrowth, aluminum toxicity and low vitamin D. I did her cleanse phase for about 2 1/2 months, along with detoxing aluminum and adding more sunshine plus a vitamin D supplement and I feel like a new woman!!! I also took anti-fungals and have been taking a probiotic and digestive enzymes. ALL of my symptoms are GONE!!! I am so so grateful for Nele and all of the information in her book! She gave me hope. I have been following her meal plan and the meals are tasty and perfect for vegans. It feels good to know that I am getting all of my nutritional needs met while following her plan. She has been very quick about responding to my emails and she is very kind and has answered all of my questions. I have just started the process of reintroducing foods last week and am excited about trying some of her other recipes. Her desserts helped me so much not to miss the old desserts I was used to. Thank you so much Nele! You have changed my life and I will be forever grateful! 🙂

    • Nele Liivlaid

      Thank you so much Heather for sharing your story! It makes me so happy to read how well you’re doing ? This is exactly why I developed the plan — to give vegans hope ? Excited for the rest of your journey! ?

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